As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have toyed with the idea of blog for some time now…procrastination being the thief of time. Yet this year, with the help of someone who has grown to become a friend, this site has gone from being a collection of ideas to a tangible reality. But let me start at the beginning, and how I was introduced to Fiverr

I asked a few techy friends for advice on putting together this site and one of them recommended Fiverr, a nifty little app where you can buy or sell any digital service all starting from just a ‘fiver’. Within minutes I’d setup up my account and posted my request (called a gig in the app) and within a few days I’d received dozens of replies, offering varying degrees of support. If I am completely honest I found this quite overwhelming but at the same time very effective. I had basically tendered out a request for a digital service I required and here I was, spoilt for choice of who to pick, all from the comfort of my pyjamas.

Which is where Saad comes in. Who, from the initial conversations we had, was patient, understanding and professional in aiding me to shape my ideas and thoughts into tangible, practical solutions. I have a tendency to dream big (is there any other way to dream?), and sometimes these ideas do not always transfer all that easily to reality. If there was only a copy and paste function for our ideas, the world would be overflowing with creativity. Saad helped to copy and paste my ideas into reality. He also made me realise that there are some genuinely amazing, hardworking, talented people out there that we can not find in a phone book or attached to some faceless corporation. Fiverr made the introduction, and Saad made the experience enjoyable.

I recommend you take a look at his work, read his reviews, pass on his information to friends, family, neighbours, aunts, uncles, whoever you come across. This is an individual swimming against the flow of international corporations swallowing up and controlling all the services we require in our everyday lives. I would rather support a hard working entrepreneur following their passion than my money go towards a yearly dividend to shareholders of an international corporation.

Maybe the world is slowly turning from global businesses back to the individual? I certainly hope so. Saad reminded me that there are some dedicated, passionate, inspiring people out there working hard to make their dreams a reality. After all, do we not all have a dream we would like to come true? Chase your dream, support others in achieving their dream, and maybe we can all inspire each other in some way.