It is said that there is a lot of ‘dead time’ whilst travelling, yet it is this so called lost time that I find the most productive. I am back in the UK temporarily, in between season work in the French Alps, and I am attempting to see as many people as I can in this time. A logistical nightmare, but one that I actually quite enjoy planning. Friends and family spread across England, with just three weeks to cram in as many social visits and mini adventures as possible.

Just a week in, and I have already made the journey from the Lake District in the North of England down to London Town to see a good friend that I have not seen in far too long. Planes, trains and automobiles have all played their part. After a weekend of catching up I find myself enjoying the few hours before my train updating my blog, relaxing with a coffee, catching up with messages that I so often reply to days or weeks after I have received them.

Dead-Time-CoffeeI do actually miss this apparent dead time. Even though this is a social visit, a holiday back to the UK, it reminds me of the little moments that are there to be enjoyed whilst travelling. The winter season working in France was an awesome experience (I have yet to finish my post on the adventures of a chalet chef), but I lived and worked in the town, I was stationary, there was no travelling involved, no dead time.

This has all got me thinking of all of the plans I made over a year ago. Walking the Camino Primitivo, exploring the recently connected coastline of Wales (the only country in the world that has a completely uninterrupted connected coastline path), exploring and discovering the mysterious and and little understood initiation wells of Portugal. Travelling is not all about the destination as the journey is equally as much an exploration and an adventure, some of my most memorable stories whilst travelling have been during the journey between destinations.

It is that in between time that I am relishing so much now. A moment of calm and procrastination. Sitting here with a coffee, reflecting, submerging myself in the excitement of adventures still to be had. Inwardly smiling at the past random encounters that have turned into amazing friendships, and the future paths that I will cross and stories that the world has to share.

I encourage everyone to find their own ‘dead time’. An afternoon in a park with a newspaper or a good book. Relaxing on the bank of a river with pen and paper. Or simply enjoying the time waiting for your bus or train. There are are times that I certainly get wrapped up in the here and now, it is sometimes hard not to, for that is the moment that we all exist, the rest has either already happened or is the unknown future. So enjoy the quiet moments that life throws your way. Kick back, relax, take five minutes to yourself, and appreciate the beautiful world we live in and all the fascinating people within it.