Firstly I am going to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been following my posts, all your support, to everyone who has provided me with constructive feedback on the sites development, and especially to everyone who has subscribed to the mailing list. However, the subscription has been a little headache of mine and hasn’t actually been working.

A monstrous ‘oops’ and a learning curve that I have finally climbed. Everyday I have been humbled by a new email announcing that someone new has subscribed to my sites newsletter, combined with the frustration that my site has not recorded their email address.

The silver lining to this interesting cloud? I have successfully managed to get the whole thing working! HUZZAH! If you have previously subscribed to the site using any of the pop-ups or subscription boxes I am afraid they did not work. However, you are now able to subscribe and join the monthly newsletter! Using the subscription box below, the contact page, or the subscription box at the bottom of the page, you will now be added to the monthly newsletter.

The small print…
I shall also mention that your email address will never be shared with any third party companies, you will be added to the Anton’s Postcard mailing list and absolutely nothing else. The only Spam you will potentially receive is an image of the tinned variety (if I ever write a blog post regarding post-war processed meats).

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support and feedback, I look forward to you joining the mailing list with ease and success… feel free to share this with your colleagues, strangers, your local shopkeeper, your gardener, your butcher, your baker and your candlestick maker!

Love, light and peace,
Anton xo