Do I commit to having a blog? Spend time setting one up? Or just randomly post my adventures on various social media outlets? This has been a question, or even more accurately, a desire of mine for quite some time now. I suppose the question is now rhetorical, since you are reading this as a blog post.

I enjoy reading… I enjoy writing… and whenever I have travelled I have found enjoyment in keeping friends/family/strangers updated on what I have experienced, the quirky places I have discovered, and found pleasure in sharing the excitement and enjoyment of my journey. I love hearing about other people’s adventures as well, sharing stories, recommending out of the way towns to visit and explore.

The HelpTheVanGo adventure was the slippery slope towards this site. Even though I wasn’t necessarily writing for anyone else (although I regularly heard from friends and followers saying how much they enjoyed hearing about our escapades) but it was more for my own pleasure. There was some essence of satisfaction sitting down at the the end of the day or week and reliving the events that had unfolded. Even now, I read the posts, flick through the pictures, and it brings the journey back to life, reminding me of the most random detail, a person, a place, and the emotions that go along with every step of travelling.

So here I am, finally bringing to life my desire to record my gallavanting. Sharing my experiences, and hopefully I can inspire others to explore the unknown. Adventure does not need to be ‘Around the World in 80 Days’, or becoming a hermit in the himalayas, we each have our own level of adventure waiting before us. A relaxing weekend on the coast of Wales can be just as fulfilling as a trek across Africa in a the jeep. There is so much of the world just waiting to be discovered, waiting to to capture our hearts and our minds.

My site will be part travel blog, part photography, part reviews, part experiences, but primarily sharing my discoveries and observations, and hopefully some snippet of information will be found useful and help you with your very own pilgrimage of discovery, where ever and whenever that may be. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.