What happens in Prague, stays in Prague…


Czech This Out

An interesting, and sleepless overnight train journey later, we have now made our way to Budapest, leaving behind the wonder that is Prague. You should definitely ‘Czech’ it out sometime! Bad joke intended… although I will leave it to your own imagination the number of ‘Czech’ this, and ‘Czech’ that puns I used whilst we were there. I wish I could blame it on all the Pilsner that was consumed, or on the range of cheese and tasty meats that were inhaled, but I can’t, the bad jokes are all mine. If and when you do visit Prague (seriously though, it’s worth a Czech) I recommend exploring the bars and restaurants away from the Old and New Town, there are some amazing, genuine, and extremely hospitable places (for a whole range of budgets) to be found away from the bustle and tourist wrestling hives of the main centres. That being said, I would encourage you to take part in one of the many walking tours in Prague, some are free but most have a small charge (around 770CZK, or £20) and it will give you an insight into the many aspects of the city, as well as help guide you through the significant and historical sites around the city.

We are now at our second Airbnb destination, a beautiful, bohemian apartment overlooking the Danube, 10 minutes from the city centre, with all the amenities and luxuries that we all become used to… balcony included! (I know I raved on about this app before, but it is definitely worth a look, just download the app and browse, even if you don’t have any holidays in mind, there are some unique properties and venues on there) . So, we have a weekend of ‘civilised’ living before 7 days on the festival island that shall be Sziget, rocking out with our socks out to bands from across the world. This will also be the first festival Emma, Chris or Urszula have been to, so watch this space for festival shenanigan updates. Excitement Factor 12! The terrible foursome will be reunited once again!

This all being said, I am also looking forward to being reunited with my trusty van, some would even say quite excited. It feels like a lifetime ago that my life was packed into VanGo and I waved him off in the good care of Chris and Urszula, and now the reunion is imminent. Pardon me for a second… WAHOOOOOOO! Ahem. Apologies for the outburst, I’ll try and control myself in the future. I am also looking forward to having more than a few pairs of clothes to choose from, although having only a small selection does make the morning routine of deciding what to wear quick and easy.

Next… a weekend of relaxing, catching up on travel stories, carbonated vodka (invented by a Hungarian scientist because normal vodka just wasn’t getting him drunk fast enough), and exploring the delights of the two cities, Buda and Pest.